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Zap opens for business



Medical, graduate, & professional schools using AMP software


Websites, custom databases, and social media projects launched

Outside funding. We're here to please our clients, not investors.


And since we began as a one-man show in a single-room office, nothing has changed. Well, except that going to work is even more fun with a savvy team of experts and a much bigger office.

The Early Days

When Zach Hraber founded ZAP, he partnered with advertising agencies to develop software for a range of marketing and communications projects.

While collaborating on one higher education project with ad agency project lead Dan Gbur, Zach identified an obvious need: few universities had an efficient method of managing graduate admissions, particularly online admissions. Once the successful product was unleashed, word spread and other universities sought a similar solution. And AMP was born.

Becoming a leader in our field

Our AMP system is the best online medical, graduate and professional admissions software out there. More than 50 schools use AMP everyday to recruit, review, and select prospective students to their programs. And Schedule Today, AMP’s popular online interview scheduler, is now available as a stand-alone tool for managing interview scheduling anywhere, from busy HR departments to university admissions offices.

But we haven’t forgotten where it all began. We’ve strengthened our initial agency partnerships to collaborate on advertising, communications, and data management projects for clients including American Eagle, GNC, Heinz, Nestlé, and Rue 21.

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Hanging out with the right crowd

We’ve put together a lineup that strikes the perfect balance between analytical thinkers and creative types. Since our core team was established, we’ve grown into a well-rounded company that includes skilled project managers, developers, designers, and support staff. The kind of people that work at Zap are self-starters with curious minds; they bring along new ideas and capabilities to make what we already do even better.

Today's challenge, Tomorrow's adventure

Our team keeps busy working to customize new AMP implementations for top universities, but we also make time to innovate. We’re adding new features, such as more powerful CRM capabilities, to make AMP even more useful.

We’ve been strengthening AMP, and making tools like Schedule Today more accessible, but at the same time we’re still collaborating with other studios and agencies on custom development work. Offshoots of these projects sometimes result in unique ideas so practical that they possess the potential to have lives of their own. How do we nurture those ideas to create new tools? Well, that’s the adventure.

Yeah, we're game.

When an air-filled, white plastic sphere is struck by a rubber-coated wooden blade—followed by that unmistakable bounce on low-friction Masonite—we know the game is on.

At Zap Solutions, our dedication knows no bounds.



103 wins

79 losses



86 wins

116 losses

Zach Hraber

Zach Hraber

Zach Hraber is the founder and CTO of ZAP Solutions, which he started in 1997. During the company's early years, Zach acted as the sole engineer, strategist, and support representative, focusing on developing Web-based software that simplified complex processes and made life easier for those that employed them. Today Zach is still actively involved in the strategy, engineering, and design teams at ZAP, where he’s built a profitable business mostly through word of mouth. Zach holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Math from Carnegie Mellon University.